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Each tale ends with an index to more tales. Short Stories by C.W.Smoke: Try the REVISED Story Page ;-)

Door # 1
If you're a writer who is looking for something, you've come to the right place. Whether you're doing research or trying to get published, there is a pathway in the Library that will lead you to the information you seek. Looking for advice from the pros? Try Orson Scott Card or Holly Lisle. They both know the publishing business from a writer's perspective.

Door # 2
I just did a little 'touch-up' on the Ogre's Den. That's where you'll find links to many of the popular ezines. This whole website is somewhere around eighty to one hundred pages built piecemeal over a period of nearly ten years spanning my first webpage to the latest commercial Castle Gate to this dHTML 'front door' that you are in now...

Door # 3
Shoot! Nearly forgot again! Webrings. Got to have a webring link on my front door so ring hoppers don't get lost. OK, here are the links:
Door # 4
When I first discovered HTML in the Spring of 1997, I was an avid chess player. In fact, I had just won an open invitational tournament on AOL playing against (it turned out) Conrad Goodman, one of the best correspondence chess players in the world. Fortunately, for me, I had amassed 8 points in my first four matches and needed only a half point to win the tourney. Thank God!

Door # 5
Let me design your webpage. Click here for a basic example. Price for a no frills page begins at $75 U.S. My interactive web design store will be online soon. Questions?

Curious? See your info
Door # 6
Here's an abbreviated site map for easy navigation:
Door # 7
If you choose GraPHicS, you will be routed thru the original portals. Be forewarned! IE4+ has 'large' graphics *NEW*Links to all the photographs on smokewriter Florida Keys vacation pics at 'The Real Me' inside Door # 7
Door # 8
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